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PureStream™ Protein is a corn protein feed produced at the Lincolnway Energy, LLC plant in Nevada, Iowa.

Being an ethanol dry mill, the PureStream™ Protein formulation offered a unique byproduct of the extraction of natural oils and fibrous waste, creating a high-protein material suitable for bulk livestock feed and animal feed supplements.

During fermentation, the starch is converted to sugar and consumed by yeast. After fermentation, the corn oils are removed from the stream and what remains is a highly soluble, protein, rich in amino acids from both the corn and the yeast bodies developed in fermentation. The drying process takes place in a low-temperature compression drying unit to minimize the degradation of the protein and offering end users the highest quality protein feed product available on the market.

PureStream™ Protein is:

  • A highly soluble protein for any mono-gastric animal diet
  • Corn based so there will be no development of soy protein aversions in swine
  • Is considered “Reachable” protein because it has not been denatured during a harsh drying process
  • Offers high RUP values and low oil values for dairy feeding
  • Provides low NDF levels for higher energy values.

livestock protein feed productPureStream™ Protein is intended to be used in livestock feed rations as a mid-protein level replacement of Soy Meal in the diet of swine, poultry, and dairy cattle.

Through intensive nutritional studies, PureStream™ Protein was found to provide a great source of nutrients – high in amino acids and high in protein – formulated for pigs, chicken, and cattle. As we continue to study the features and benefits of our protein feed product, testing for efficacy on other livestock as well as small animal and aqualife will be considered.The corn based product provides a completely soy-free solution for producers looking to reduce the risks of soy allergens within closed feed systems.

Click here to view / download the studies behind PureStream™ Protein.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT April 16, 2018